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Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators

Our state-of-the-art Lung Simulators coupled with PneuView Software help medical professionals, ventilator manufacturers and educators provide hands-on training, test respiratory care products and techniques, and advance research and development around the world. With test lung simulators for adults and infants, our devices offer the most realistic and accurate simulations of the human pulmonary system available today. 

Michigan Instruments

Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators

Our Lung Simulators are fully to scale with realistic residual lung volumes and lung capacities. The range of settings for compliance and resistance on the TTL® and PneuView® systems is also beyond most other available simulators. Many test lungs perform just a handful of simulations and are not fully to scale, which means their usefulness is limited. Our devices have the advantage of moving and “feeling” like a real lung or lungs when ventilated.

Standard and optional accessories for the TTL and PneuView systems expand the possible applications and facilitate advanced simulations and data gathering.

Infant/Adult Lung Simulator

Simulate a range of pulmonary situations for infants and children (and adults), using the Adult-Infant TTL and PneuView Lung Simulators. These devices incorporate one adult lung and one infant lung simulator in a single unit. This provides great flexibility and a range of applications for a wide range of patient populations.


Single Adult Lung Simulator

A Single Adult simulator provides a range of simulations in a smaller package. Single Adult simulators are ideal for those focused on adult lung mechanics, devices, and therapies. Both devices are available with or without PneuView electronics and software

Dual Adult Lung Simulator

A Dual Adult simulator provides a more fully-to-scale simulation. Each lung can be independently adjusted for compliance and airway resistance, simulating symmetrical or asymmetrical lung disease. Results of asymmetrical settings are clearly visible and easily monitored.


TTL® of PneuVieuw®: what's right for you

TTL® Training Test Lungs

(No Electronics or Software)

  • Mechanical (analog only) simulators
  • Simulates a variety of lung conditions and pathologies
  • Provides measurement of lung volumes and lung/airway pressures
  • Uses analog gauges and printed scales
  • Ideal tools for teaching, training and research
  • Provides dynamic simulation and response to mechanical ventilation
  • Available in Single Adult, Dual Adult, and Adult-Infant configurations

PneuView® Systems

(TTL with Electronics and Software)

  • Includes all of the features of the TTL
  • The PneuView electronic module is built into the body of the Lung Simulator
    • Incorporates pressure transducers, environmental sensors, signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converter circuitry
    • Communicates with the PneuView software installed on a host computer
  • PneuView Software can display several respiratory parameter measurements and waveforms in real-time
  • Data can then be graphed, tabulated, or digitally recorded and retrieved for later review and analysis.


Breath Rate 2 to 1,100 bpm
Inspiratory/Expiratory Time 0.3 to 30 sec
Tidal Volume Single Adult .100 to 2L / Dual Adult .100 to 4L
Flow Rate 10 to 200 Lpm
Pressure: (Lung/Airway) -20 to 120 cmH2O / -10 to 120 cmH2O
Pressure: (Auxiliary Port) 0 to 100 psi
Compliance .01 to .10 L/cmH2O
Resistance Rp5, Rp10, Rp20, Rp50 cmH2O/L/sec

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